The Educational Role of The Jordan Museum

The educational role of the Jordan Museum is an important one where programmes and interactive workshops are planned and designed conforming to the museums mission. The objective is to be an educational facility and an important vehicle for explaining and facilitating a greater understanding of the unique history and cultural heritage of Jordan. In developing and planning educational workshops and events, the museum tends to present subjects related to its work and to collaborate with researchers, craftsmen and local people interested in the preservation of the cultural heritage of Jordan. Other institutions are involved at times as well as cultural centres in delivering educational messages.Learning is for all, but children are the main recipients of the JM's educational activities. We believe that it is of great importance that the Jordanian cultural heritage and identity be preserved especially with the young generation of today who will be the caretakers of this heritage for the future. Through planning and conducting educational workshops we aim to help them learn about Jordanian customs, culture, history and way of life. With this knowledge they can become more aware of their own identity and hopefully learn to appreciate other cultures as well.
Makany (my place) is a 'hands-on' area aimed at bringing more fun and education to children. It provides hands-on experiences that are geared towards Jordanian history and cultural heritage. It consists of a simple construction and furnishing to allow children to express their creativity inspired by the museum visit and provides them with basic tools for activities such as pottery or stone work, writing, painting, embroidery, theatre, archaeological excavation, conservation lab and a mini-museum for displaying their finds.