Research by Maram Naes

One of our previous employees Miss. Maram Naes obtained an MSc in Chemical Sciences from the Jordan University prior to her MA in Wall Painting Conservation from the Courtauld Institute of Art. She is a member in IIC, ICOMOS and the Scientific Committee of ICOMOS-Stone group. Her main interests are in conservation science, use and development of non-destructive analyses for CH material, environmental monitoring in historic buildings and wall painting conservation. She used to teach conservation science and archaeometry at the Hashemite University in addition to undertaking research in Nabataean pottery reproduction and Petra stone conservation. In June 2011, she will start her 6-month IAEA fellowship at the Technical University of Berlin focusing on non-destructive 3D-analysis of multilayer painted CH material. Currently, she is conserving the Calcolithic wall painting of Tulaylat al-Ghassul and is participating in the wall painting conservation project at the World Heritage site of Qusayr Amra. Internationally, as an IIC member and in collaboration with some Arabic conservators, Maram is establishing the ‘IIC Arabic Group’; the first IIC language-based regional group which is an initiative towards harmonising and strengthening the Arabic experience and efforts in the conservation field.

For the future, Maram hopes that she can maintain a strong base for the Conservation Science and Research section at the Jordan Museum and develop it in close collaboration with scientific research and educational entities in Jordan. Providing consultation services and undertaking professional scientific conservation research are other aims she hopes to achieve from her position at the Museum.
If you would like to contact Miss. Maram Naes on her research, please email her at: