About Education

The educational role of the Jordan Museum (JM) is a distinctive aspect, where programs and interactive workshops are planned and designed conforming to the museum’s mission and objectives as an educational facility and as an important vehicle for explaining and facilitating a greater understanding of the unique history and cultural heritage of Jordan, in order to reclaim the history of Jordan through 1.5 million years.

In developing and planning educational workshops and events, the museum tends to present subjects related to its work and to collaborate with researchers, craftsmen and local people interested in the preservation of the cultural heritage of Jordan, and working with educational institutions and cultural centers in delivering educational messages.  

Learning is for all, but children are the main recipients of the JM educational activities. We believe that it is of great importance that the Jordanian cultural heritage and identity be preserved, especially with the young generation of today who are the transmitters of this heritage for the future. Through planning and conducting educational workshops we aim to help them learn about Jordanian customs; culture; history and way of life. With this knowledge, they can become more aware of their own identity and hopefully learn to appreciate other cultures as well.  

Physical Resources are available for the delivery of Education and Outreach programmes. They are summarised in the following table:  
The following list shows the range of programmes available: On site Programmes  Guided tours at specific times every day. A range of regular scheduled activities, calendar related events. Lecture series at each museum, subject to the availability of suitable space. Classes or seminars on specialised topics related to existing & temporary exhibitions. A range of worksheets and guided activities for use on self-guided visits. An education resource room equipped. A range of guided tours for groups by arrangement. A range of workshops, demonstrations and special programmes for groups by arrangement.
Our museum team works with thousands of students and teachers to motivate learning and debate not only in the classroom but in different cultural or historical settings.   If you are looking for ideas to support learning in the classroom such as teaching sessions, resource packs and websites which support the national curriculum, then visit our Museum online and in person.   We have designed wide-scoped educational programs for different student levels; you can choose an education program by class level below: Primary 1 6-8Yrs (visual arts & handmade works). Primary 2 9-11Yrs (history & handmade works ). Elementary 12-14Yrs (motivate participants, human story) Secondary up-15Yrs (history & traditions, building knowledge)
Our Museum strives to accommodate students with various teaching difficulties and disabilities. The museum provides special hearing devices for those hard of hearing as well as sign language guides who can assist students around the museum. We urge teachers of such classes to call or contact the museums Educator 3 weeks in advance so as to arrange all the necessary equipment and preparations required.  The entrance of the museum is wheel chair friendly and other special needs facilities can be found inside. A student’s seminar room called Makany is available for various artistic activities and ultimately it is a place for great creative minds to get busy. We are here to ensure that everyone can visit the museum and are always eager to make visits as easy and trouble free as possible.    For further information, please contact Mr. Mohammed Ghaleb our Education Specialist:   Mr. Kamal Nasser is our Assistant Graphic designer who is hard of hearing. He recently went to Las Vegas to attend Deaf World Expo 2010, an annual deaf exhibition keen on promoting different cultures, information and needs regarding deaf people around the world.  The JM was extremely proud of his involvement and ability to promote Jordan’s history and culture.    We asked Mr. Kamal to share his “Journey to Las Vegas” on our website as we are tremendously honored of his participation in such an event. 
Jordan Museum offers a wide range of learning opportunities for university students who are wishing to further their studies –Research based studies with real scientific and cultural objects, visual arts and Geography are only a few options mentioned here for those wishing to conduct research. 
There are many events at the Museum for teachers, including exclusive exhibition viewings, courses to help with professional development.
 At the Museum we aim to help children and their grown-ups enjoy and appreciate our collection, both inside the Museum and on the website.You can: Follow trails around the Museum’s collection  Find activities to do in the galleries  Borrow crayons, coloured pencils and pads to create your own pictures as you visit  Find a wide range of books for all ages in the  library  Handle objects from the Museum’s collection 
The Museum aims to strengthen the link between external communities and students by sharing date and allowing volunteers to participate in community service activities. In this manner a stronger relationship with the other fields and the Museum can be created.  
 The Museum aims to give students opportunities to learn about the collections through a range of approaches/disciplines including object workshops, discussions, drama and storytelling through various art crafts. The Museum will encourage participants to see and interact with the collections in alternative ways while introducing specific skills and techniques.