Past Workshops

14, Mar 2011

14, Mar 2011

The Educational Department recently went Sweileh elementary school for girls in order to teach them how to create small mosaic models made from small cubes of various colours. The aim of the workshop was to increase and impart knowledge of Jordanian heritage to the youth and through the art of mosaic making, this can be achieved. 
07, Apr 2011

07, April 2011

Mr. Mohammad Al Qaisi, Education Specialist at the Jordan Museum presented a joint workshop program with the British Council entitled Class Room Connecting; how we can help. 
During the session participants were given assistance in selecting projects such as the traditional patterns of livingin Jordan and other workshop options.
17, Apr 2011

17, April 2011

A special Mosaic workshop by the Jordan Museum was organised for deaf students, which coincided with the schools Deaf Week Program. The Mosaic workshop was designed to introduce the history of mosaic production in Jordan and the materials and methods used to produce mosaics. 
19, Apr 2011

19, April 2011

The Educational Department was invited by the Mghaear  Elementary School for Girls in Al Karak to join the National Celebration of the Battle of Al-Karameh. The event took place in the school within the presence of the Head of the Educational Directorate in Al Qasr. The participation of the Educational Department was to conduct a mosaics activity which introduced the history of mosaic productionin Jordan, and the materials, methods used to produce mosaics.
29, Apr 2011

29, April 2011

The Educational Department and Dr. Fatma Mari', Head of the Conservation Unit at the Jordan Museum, participated in the third Annual Labour Day Celebrations atThe Children’s Museum.Young visitors met and interacted with a professional conservation specialist and learned how to use the materials and techniques in the conservation process. The aim of this workshop was to introduce children to the importance of preserving Jordan’s heritage through the process of conversation.
07, Jun 2011

7, Jun 2011

"The right to a childhood of health, education, happiness and dignity is the right of every child, and it is well within our collective capacity to realize that right".  Queen Rania
To tackle and raise awareness of Child Labour in Jordan and the negative impact that this social malaise has on our children and community, The Jordan Museum in collaboration with the Social Support Centre and Amman Baccalaureate School arranged a workshop entitled "No to Child Labour". The idea for this workshop was initiated when a young adult from the Amman Baccalaureate School worked on a project that dealt with Child Labour in Amman. His project was compiled into a calendar with pictures of young labourers and factual information regarding the statistics of Child Labour in Amman. The workshop was created in order to include and engage participants from two very different social backgrounds. The workshop involved past child labourers who shared and shed light on their past experiences from working on the streets of Jordan to how they benefited from gaining an education and appreciating their opportunities of being rescued from the streets.  The group then participated in their own discussion around the dangers of working on the streets and they also drew pictures of their unique encounters. 
We hope that their stories will have a positive effect on those children who have not suffered the same starkness of reality. 
01, Jul 2011

01, July 2011

Kites are unanimously used for pleasure and enjoyment for all young children today, but they too have a long history in many cultures. Their first appearance was in China, about 2,800 years ago where they were made from silk and other soft fabrics. They served different functions depending on the culture they were used in. They were associated with religious symbols, others were used as instruments of war and others were developed as practical tools. During the summer vacation, the Jordan Museum decided to engage children in this long tradition of kite making. Two workshops were organized in cooperation with Madrasati in Abu Hanifa Primary School for Boys and the Omar Barghouti Primary School for Boys in which 40 participants learnt how to construct and decorate kites.
21, Sep 2011
Date School Name
21, Sep 2011 Maan secondary and comprehensive school for girls
28, Nov 2011 Al-Hussien secondary school for girls 


02, Apr 2012 - 15, Apr 2012


Date  Organization 
5.04.2012 Social Support Centre
15.04.2012 Social Support Centre 


22, Sep 2011
Date School Name
22, Sep 2011 Omar Bin Al-Khatab primary school


17, Nov 2011
Date School Name
22.09.2011 Omar Bin Al-Khatab primary school 


22, Sep 2011
Date School Name
23, Nov 2011 Modern System School for boys
04, Dec 2011 The Ahliyyah school for girls


23, Nov 2011 - 14, Dec 2011
Date School name
23.11.2011 Modern Systems school for boys
04.12.2011 The Ahliyyah school for girls


22, Feb 2012 - 15, Apr 2012


Date Centre 
28.02.2012 Social Support Centre
08.03.2012 Social Support Centre 


19, Sep 2011 - 12, Oct 2011
Date School Name
12, Oct 2011 Al-Qadisi comprehensive for boys
12, Oct 2011 Jerash secondary school for boys
11, Oct 2011 Juba secondary school for girls
11, Oct 2011 Soof primary school for girls
10, Oct 2011 Om Alqotain Secondary school for boys
10, Oct 2011 Alashrafeah & Nayef secondary school for boys
20, Sep 2011 Aayshah Om Almomneen for girls
26, Sep 2011 Rehba Rekad secondary school for girls
20, Sep 2011 Jafar Altayar secondarey school


21, Sep 2011 - 16, Oct 2011
Date School Name
16, Oct 2011 Jamal Al-din Al-Fagani for boys 
16, Oct 2011 Al-Saifyah secondary for boys
21, Sep 2011 Ma'an secondary school for girls


08, Sep 2011 - 27, Oct 2011
Date School Name
31, Oct 2011 Al Shaheed Faisal College
30, Oct 2011 Al Thawra
27, Oct 2011 Sweileh Prep B/S
25, Oct 2011 Khalidah Al Qurashiya for girls
25, Oct 2011 Alrememeen for girls
24, Oct 2011 Jaafar Altyaar primary school
23, Oct 2011 Zarqa Al-Yamama primary school
19, Oct 2011 Hai Al-dobbat school
19, Oct 2011 Hai Al Fadeen primary school
10, Oct 2011 Alashrafeah & Nayfeh secondary for boys
04, Oct 2011 Beir Kdad  primary school
04, Oct 2011 Sokinah Bint Alhussein high school
03, Oct 2011 Sameeh Darwazh primary school
29, Sep 2011 Fatima Al-Zahra
26, Oct 2011 Rehba Rekad secondary school for girls
19, Sep 2011 Rufaidah secondary school for girls
15, Sep 2011 Russiefeh Prep school
14, Sep 2011 Philadelphia National Schools
12, Sep 2011 Amman New Camp No. 4
08, Sep 2011 A N C for Girls 2


27, Oct 2011 - 08, Dec 2011
Date School Name
29.09.2011 Fatima Al-Zahra'
04.10.2011 A N C for Girls 
19.10.2011 Hai Aldobat school
19.10.2011 Hai Al Fadeen primary school
23.10.2011 Zarqa Al-Yamama primary school 
24.10.2011 Jaafer Altayaar primaary school 
25.10.2011 Khalidah Al Qurashiya secondary school for girls
25.10.2011 Alrememeem secondary school for girls 
27.10.2011 Sweileh Prep B/S
30.10.2011 Al Thawra
31.10.2011 Al Shaheed Faisal College
17.11.2011 The Ahliyaah school for girls
21.11.2011 Modern Systems school for girls
04.12.2011 Al Shobak secondary school for boys
04.12.2011 Sokinah Bint Al-Hussein high school
06.12.2011 Russiefeh Prep G/S1
07.12.2011 Philadelphia National Schools
08.12.2011 Amman New Camp 4 


15, Mar 2012 - 15, Apr 2012


Date Organization 
15.03.2012 Social Support Centre
2.04.2012 Social Support Centre


28, Nov 2011
Date School Name
28/11/2011 Al-Hussein secondary school for girls
21/09/2011 Ma'an secondary school for girls


28, Apr 2012


The Jordan Museum participated with the Children’s Museum in a workshop to celebrate Labor Day. Both the Education and Conservation departments at the Jordan Museum designed an activity for children called ‘Be a Conservator for One day’. The aim of the workshop was to teach young children the importance of preserving artefacts. 

04, May 2012 - 05, May 2012

A primary school students program was funded by the King Abdullah Fund for Development in collaboration with the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in order to raise  Awareness of National Tourists. The program included organizations such as the Royal Court, Council of Prime Ministers  and the Ministry of Tourism. 

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